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Dear Ward 3 Constituents,

I would like to introduce myself as your candidate of choice for the upcoming Ward 3 Calgary civic election. As a fiscal person, I am running in this election because I am tired of watching from the sideline as council taxes Calgary residents without mercy, all the while spending like it’s the good old days, then trying to justify their decisions as being fiscally appropriate. We are in tough times, due to COVID restrictions, the collapse of the oil & gas industry due to poor government policy, and the outright devastation of businesses and jobs in Calgary, Alberta and across the country. It is time to make a shift. We need to elect people with real experience who have the background, desire and ability to actually listen to the electorate and govern the complexities of city bureaucracies.

I come from the service/manufacturing industry where I spent the bulk of my 40+ years. I am a journeyman millwright by trade, so I have been in the trenches and take a very practical perspective to solving problems. I find that many people over-complicate things to serve their own needs. That type of management style needs to end. I was elected to council in BC in the early 90’s, where I was the main push to bringing few projects to fruition by taking action and following through to completion. I have also successfully managed/lead my share of departments and facilities with budgets of up to and including $20 million dollars. I have had the privilege of working alongside and leading many talented people who have helped me sharpen my leadership skills by helping me fully understand the complexities of running businesses while creating positive collaborative work teams and environments.

Starting in March 2020 I have and continue to walk through each community in Ward 3 while having the pleasure of talking with thousands of residence. I’ve heard your messages and I want to make those changes happen. I am seeking this position because Calgary needs a strong, experienced Ward 3 Councillor; a leader who has actual front-line, budgeting, leadership and governance experience.

My goals are to first bring forward a plan to change spending habits making the City more fiscally responsible (accountable) and stable while performing a communications program that Ward 3 has never seen. With this plan we will unite Ward 3 and Calgary. Your voice and opinions mater.

To ensure real change happens in October, I invite you to mark an “X” beside Trenholm, Brent on your voting ballot on October 18, 2021.

Yours in Partnership,
Brent Trenholm