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My Goals

As Councillor of Ward 3, here are some issues that I will focus my attention on:

It is time to bring some fiscal sanity and practicality back to City Hall.  Calgary taxpayers deserve a break from high spending elected officials. An example of this is wasting $2.3 million on an unenforceable law. (lowering the speed limit to 40 Km in residential areas)

  • Focus more attention on Economic Development “focus on attracting businesses, and less time trying to justify decisions”  If people have jobs, businesses and families can survive, our economy will once again flourish.
  • Perform an entire compensation review of council and administration.
    • There are many people out there that have lost everything. I will move to creating a hiring and wage freeze.
  • Implement term limits on Councillors and the Mayor.
  • Create tax reform.
  • Address the assessment system imbalances,
  • Conduct an organizational review and forensic audit of all departments (financial & operational).
  • Fluoride should not be put back in our drinking water.
  • Accountability to the electorate.

City politicians can save taxpayers an enormous amount of time and money when they focus on the job they area elected to do, roads, sewers, garbage and basic community services. What is happening now is politicians telling everyone else or level of government how to do their job. It is time for elected officials to stay in their own lane and focus their attention on the people that pay the bills “Tax Payers”.

Campaigns and elections are interesting events. People stand up and talk a lot about fluffy things, like we need to talk more, or study the situation better, or I will do this and when they get elected they do the exact opposite. Worst of all they get absorbed into the system because they do not have the skill set or experience behind them to do the the job. Ward 3 has seen this in the past. This happens because candidates spend so much time campaigning to get elected and make things smell like roses instead of campaigning to do the job. So they talk in circles and rarely give an answer. This is a very important election because council has lost focus and no longer listens to their constituents. I will quote a present Councillor saying you elected me to make those tough decisions. This is the type of top down attitude that has got us here in the first place. We need ideological change. People are suppose to get elected to represent their constituents. You do this by listening to the communities you represent. This is bottom up leadership.

My style is one of collaborative leadership. Once elected I will perform a communication campaign like Ward 3 has never seen before. I want to know everyone’s opinion, even non supporters, as it takes an entire community to create productive and lasting change.

While knocking on over 10,000 doors to date, there are many points of concern that I have heard. We need change is a big one, except people are now saying we need to change the philosophy as the present system is broken and a new face with the same ideology is not change. Another conversation I am hearing from residents is to elect a representative that actually listens, who has the ability to decipher information and stand with their constituents who brings with them actual experience, leadership and budgeting background who can hit the ground running and instantly contribute. I am that person. I will not be that person who stands up and say look at me, I am a work horse who understands the job at hand and brings with him a skill set of compassion, action while creating results. The #1 point here is we need to change the culture of city hall.

If a person has never ran an office, business or budget of significance they will be lost.

My full campaign platform will be posted as we get closer to election day.