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Donate Today So Your Voice Can Be Heard

The election is only 3 months away and closing in fast. To make it to the finish line, the campaign needs funding, as it is people like you that help make things happen. Times are tough and money is in short supply, however, to change the narrative (current council and administrative ideologies) and create meaningful change requires donations. Every dollar helps.

I cannot thank you enough. God bless

There are three ways that you can donate;

  1. Visa, scroll down to the bottom
  2. E-transfer to
  3. Personal Check. if this is your preferred method you would make the check out to “Committee to elect Brent Trenholm” then email me for the address.

Donation Rules:

  • Donors may contribute up to $5,000 per candidate in the election year (2021).
  • Candidates can only contribute $10,000 to their campaign.
  • Donors must be a resident of Alberta.
  • Companies, non-profits, and unions are ineligible under the Elections Act to donate.
  • Please note, donations to municipal campaigns are not eligible for tax receipts.