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Testimonial – Desiree Tytgat

I have known Brent Trenholm for over 10 years now; he started out as my boss when I first entered the workforce, a mentor, and now someone I can call a friend. Watching Brent’s campaign to become a Councillor for Ward 3 has been both informative and inspiring. Brent speaks of fiscal responsibility; something I know he values and has experience in after working with him for many years while he was a manager for multi-million-dollar businesses and companies. Brent was always looking for ways to reduce spending, increase efficiencies and profit margins all while maintaining the quality of the product, integrity of the workforce and business. His open-door policy as a manager is like no others and something I know he will carry into any role. He wants to hear it all – good or bad; supporters and non-supporters will be able to voice their opinions and be heard.
As a small business owner now, Brent’s focus on attracting more businesses so that people can support their families is something I appreciate. The pandemic hit a lot of us small business owners hard; I personally know a lot of people who had to give up their dream of owning their own business or close completely. I am confident Brent will bring the change we need and deserve to city hall; advocating to spend money where the return will be high, and question the “projects” that spend tax payer money without providing value.
Brent Trenholm has the experience in both politics and high value industry to help initiate the change we as tax payers deserve in City Hall. On a personal level, I know Brent to value integrity, hard work, and transparency; something I can’t wait to see him bring to his role as Ward 3 Councillor.

Desiree Tytgat